Individual committee responsibilities

The leadership of the community gardens is broken up into several committees. All members have the option of using volunteer hours to serve on one of these committees. For more information on the specific tasks taken on by individual committees, please read on!

Operations Committee

The operations committee is responsible for coordinating work days, maintaining the shed space and community tools, tracking volunteer hours, updating the garden leader on general needs for the garden (mulch, compost, tools, irrigation, etc.), and for helping plan long-term improvement projects. Members of the operations committee meet once a month.

Neighborhood Committee

The neighborhood committee acts as a bridge between the gardeners and the larger Congress Park Neighborhood. Through monthly meetings, issues and/or events that affect the neighborhood can be discussed to gather feedback from both gardeners and neighbors. The neighborhood committee works to ensure that the community garden is providing a positive impact in the neighborhood.

Education Committee

Our education committee is responsible for supplying the gardeners with a monthly newsletter filled with seasonal gardens tips and updates on events and happenings around the gardens. The education committee also provides classes and trainings for both new and experienced gardeners throughout the gardening season. Members of the education committee meet once a month.

Steering Committee

Working closely with the garden leader, the steering committee is comprised of the leads of the other three committees. It is the job of the steering committee to resolve issues and/or conflicts that arise in the gardens and to make sure the garden is moving forward with the twin goals of sustainability and increased gardener experience.